Tips to Earn Online Certificates for Busy Parents

Parents today may just get the best of both the work world and family life. Our society is beginning to once again affirm the role of the stay at home parent. Yet, this role has more options than ever.Work from home and part-time or seasonal work make earning a side income not only possible but preferable for many families. Consider a few ways that obtaining an educational or professional certificate can benefit the desire to both be available for family life and maximize potential income earnings.

Recognize Guilt

Before proceeding to take additional time and resources for a greater good outcome, recognizing that guilt may be a part of that journey may hopefully alleviate some of its destructive influence. This Huffington Post article offers ideas on coping with guilt. Recognize guilt has its place in the heart of any parent, but do not let it hinder your determination to achieve another avenue of success for you and your family.

Acknowledge the Realities of Being an Online Learner and Parent

While guilt is trying to distract you, recognize that the majority of learners are parents. You are not alone in “wanting it all” and you can do this! Find supportive communities, communicate with family and friends and advocate for help from those sources of strength and support. Further, recognize there are ways you can get support through the program itself. These are a few options that may be available to you as an online learner:

  • Academic Advisor
  • Professor
  • Admissions Department
  • Writing Tutor
  • Academic Tutor
  • Outside Private Tutor

Consider Finances and Educational Costs

Check out these options for financing your online certificate program. It’s no secret that education can be costly. Take your time to research options and do not stop until you find a way that is best for you and your particular situation. If one agency offers a small discount for single parents, you can feel confident you will find another place willing to give a better offer. Don’t discount the opportunity for scholarships or grants. Look at available options both through the program itself and without. Ideas on this include your local church, community centers, state programs, and an employer.

Choose Your Program

The options could be endless, from Business analytics certificate a career in biomedical scienceto an online teaching certificate or Project Manager Certificate. If you have no idea where you want to start, you can take a systematic approach to discover the best program suited to your strengths. Firstly, ask those who know you well. Parents, a spouse or partner, adult children, former colleagues, a boss or coworker who will be supportive of your pursuit, are all sources of insight at your strengths and what tasks suite you well. Consider a career counselor with access to personality, temperament, and other forms of testing. Should you already have an idea of which program you may enroll in, find out if they offer career counseling to prospective students. Lastly, take a personal inventory of those jobs and volunteer opportunities which have been most meaningful to you in the past. Determine your needs and natural strengths as you assess which online certificate program will suit you best.

All Things Are Possible

Parents know how to do many things well, so give yourself credit as you both consider and begin to make a change. Ultimately, your family and you will benefit from a well-suited position. Take the necessary time to work through guilt, possible options and alternatives, financial costs and potential sources of scholarship or grants, and available programs. With these first steps planned out and carefully maneuvered, earning your online certificate will be an accomplishment the entire family can celebrate.

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