How to make sure you spend enough quality time with your children.

If you’re a busy working parent, it can sometimes be difficult to juggle work with spending enough quality time with your children. If you’re starting to feel like you’re neglecting your parental duties, read on for some ideas on how you can integrate more quality time into your daily routine.

Watching a movie

At the end of a busy day, it’s always nice to ship the kids off to bed, flop down onto the sofa with a glass of wine and watch a bit of a TV to unwind. But does this often leave you feeling a bit guilty, not to mention not very fulfilled? Try re-arranging your evening routine to factor in a fun family movie that you can watch with your children before they go to bed. This way, you still get your down time, but you can enjoy it with your children. You could even invest in Audio Visual Installers to transform your lounge into an amazing cinema room to make this experience even more exciting for you and them. This can help you with improve your experience the with movie and also can help you get a better experience with music.

Going for walks

Getting out of the house, seeing some beautiful scenery and filling your lungs with fresh air is always a fantastic idea. Teach your children how to live a healthy lifestyle as well as teaching them all about wildlife. Kids love to be outdoors, and its great way to help them burn off some of that energy before bedtime. Getting out of the house can help you to be more present and enjoy the important things, like chatting to your children about their day, and the things that are important to them.

Reading bedtime stories

Taking the time to read bedtime stories to your child can really help you to re-connect with them. As well as helping them to settle down to sleep, you can fill their head full of fairytales and exciting stories for them to dream about all night. Having a bedtime story read to you is a memory that often remains strong in people’s minds even into adulthood, so make sure your children don’t miss out on this important bonding time with you.

Individual children and their hobbies

If you have more than one child, it is important to give each child their own individual time with you. It is important that they feel appreciated as individuals, which will help them to grow to be confident, unique adults. Find out what each child’s favorite hobbies are and make sure you spend time doing them with them.


Cooking skills are crucial for children to learn so that they can take care of themselves well in their adult life. Rather than seeing cooking as a chore that you dread every evening, turn it into a fun activity with your children. Encourage them to watch you as you cook and lend a hand in the easier tasks. Soon enough, they’ll be learning how to cook a full meal and you never know, eventually they could be cooking for you.


Chores are a great way to turn something unenjoyable into a fun, bonding experience. If you’ve invested ion Audio Visual Installers, you can use that to play music. Playing music to create a fun atmosphere in your home as you all club together to complete the chores. This also helps to prepare your children for adult life. As well as helping you to make sure you’re still on top of all the necessary daily tasks, turning chores into a game can help you spend more quality time with your children.

So, if you want to spend more one on one time with your children, try sitting down together to watch a family film, or listen to all your favorite music together. Take a lovely evening walk to unwind together and finish the day with a bedtime story. If you have more than one child, make sure you focus on each one individually and turn chores like cooking and cleaning into fun, learning experiences for them.

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