There are as many different ways to keep your children away from the phones in this new school system. But the fact is that the parents have always been using phones in front of their children. No offense it is not the fault of the parents that are constantly using phones but still spending lot of time on your cell phones can end up leading to the damage of our own young generation because we are responsible for the everything they adopt from is from our generation.


Following mentioned are some tips for you to stay in the self-made boundaries for yourself. That will obviously help you for the less consumption of your mobile phones while restricting our own selves so that we can help our children also.

1) Take Stock of Your Actual Phone Needs:

Altus the parents are supposed to keep the record of the activities that are done by their children on daily basis, also, they should keep record their phone voice recording and their own activities that whatever they themselves are doing on daily basis. Parents should always keep a check on their activities. Parents should make to do list and then they should check up the list they have made with the attention and without being interrupted by the children or without interrupting the precious time of their families.

2) Involve the Kids in a Family Discussion about Appropriate Smartphone and social media use:

Guardians ought to likewise include youngsters in the family exchange in regards to the PDAs. Every one of the guardians are informed to timetable such kind regarding subjects for the family dialog once per week or possibly once per month.

The offspring of this new youthful age are sharp just as insightful, the can without much of a stretch chat on a solitary subject for the same number of hours as they can without being worn out.

So on the off chance that you include them in such talks identified with the utilization of telephones, they can without much of a stretch enlighten you regarding their assessments that anything that is going in their brains like what is the best use, profit or favourable position of these cell phones as indicated by them and how unfavourably it can impact us, ourselves and our psychological wellness in the event that we use it in the non-helpful manners. Likewise, consistently enlighten them regarding the security and the protection

excessive usage of these cell or mobile phones. All these smart phones are considered as one of the main causes of the health effect of the children of younger age. Parents should tell the pros and cons of social media screening. Parents are guided to make such rules in their own house that no one dares to violate these rules made by their parents or guardian. All these rules include like “there should not be any usage of these smart phones during the studies “,”there should not be the usage of these smart phones during the meals or eating times’ ‘“there should not be any usage of these smart phones during the playing times”, “there should not be any usage of smart phones during the bed time”, “there should not be any usage of smart phones during the family time “

3) Give them attention

All the parent are supposed and are advised to give their children at least a 10 minutes time twice a day. Giving such kind of attention to your children and giving them such kind of a UN divided time twice a day will cause you nothing but it will be very helpful for your children in their growth and mind set. Sometimes it seems like you are into their own world just talking to them forgetting about all your worries and tensions will also make you happy along with your own children. It will also make your children happy and help them divert their minds from the world of games or video games or cell phones

4) Engagement of children in the family matters or discussions:

Parents should engage their children in different working activities or should end up engaging their children in the family discussions or matters that will help your children forgetting about the cell phones and indulging them to the family matters. IT will also help all other family members to be close with each other and help them sharing their feelings and mind set with each other. Also, try your level best to keep your phones on “Do not disturb mode” whenever you are with your family.


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