Helping Children Learn Good Oral Health Early

There is nothing worse than visiting with a little child who has bad oral health. Oral health is something that has to be taught to little children before they know that they need to care for their teeth. More than just telling them to brush their teeth, they need to be taught how to care for their teeth properly.

Dentists say the best way to teach little children to brush their teeth right is to show them. Children learn best when they are taught by example. Here are some fun ways that you can teach little children to care for their teeth the right way.

Drawing with Toothpaste

It can be a hard concept for children to understand how to brush their teeth using good patterns until they can see the patterns. Give children a paper plate and put some toothpaste onto the plate. Show them how they can make movement up and down and side to side. You can also teach them to make little circles to help clean their teeth really well. Letting the children play with the toothbrush and see how they can best clean their teeth will help them learn.

After they are finished doing the motion on a plate, take them to the bathroom and have them try it on their teeth. You can stand next to them and also brush your teeth alongside of them. Together make movements from side to side and up and down. Then, you can teach them to reach as far back as they can and make small circular motions. Allowing them to watch you brush alongside of them will help them understand how they can clean their teeth best.

Staining an Egg

We know that children learn best from example. A fun experiment for your children to learn about stained teeth is to stain an egg and act as though it is their teeth. If you dip and egg into soda or a bright juice and leave it for 24 hours the eggshell will become stained. Have you child get their toothbrush and some toothpaste and work on cleaning the stains off of the egg. As the child is scrubbing with their toothbrush you can explain to them that their teeth are like the shell. They drink juice and eat other foods that will stain their teeth. Show them that brushing their teeth really well will return their teeth to the bright color color that they should be just like brushing the egg turned it white again.

Teaching our children how to have good oral health does not have to be a difficult process. There are many different fun ways that we can teach them how to brush their teeth and why we brush our teeth.

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