Getting the Best Yarn for Crocheting Is Easy

Whether you’re an expert at crocheting or just starting out, it’s important to select the best cotton yarn for your project and you’re committed to doing so. When it comes to crocheting, there are plenty of benefits to using cotton for your items, though what tends to really stand out about this yarn is how sturdy, durable, yet breathable your creations can be.

To complete the projects that you have in mind and maybe even knock out a couple of extra creations, you want to be able to find excellent yarn at reasonable rates. If you’re wondering how to get fantastic deals on cotton yarn, you don’t have to look far. As an online retailer of high-quality yarn, Yarnspirations has a selection of cotton yarn to fulfill all your crocheting needs. 

When crocheting with this type of yarn, there are a few things that you should look for in order to work with the best qualities of the material. Read on to learn some tips and tricks for selecting and using cotton yarn for your crocheting needs.

Your Items Won’t Stretch

Cotton does not stretch, so if you’re using this type of material for your project then it might be because the final product isn’t meant to stretch at all. The non-stretching properties of this material make is an excellent choice for items that will be sturdy and durable such as dishtowels, tote bags, pot holders, or crochet baskets.

The adorable and popular amigurumi, (small, crocheted figurines) are served well by cotton yarn because it helps the figures keep their shape. Especially if they’re going to be handled by small children, their chances of going through decent amount of wear and tear are high: that’s why it’s best to go with a yarn that can hold its own.

You Have to Block Your Cotton

Because cotton lacks elasticity, when it does get pulled, it won’t go back to its original shape. To make this work in your favour, you can use blocking to stretch your cotton crochet items into the right shape. Do this and your shape will hold after blocking. Here’s a tip: use steam blocking over wet blocking if you really want your items to hold their shape.

Soften Cotton Yarn by Washing It

Your cotton crochet items will get softer over time as they get used and worn — this is normal and one of the great virtues of cotton yarn. If something feels rough right after it’s been made, wash it by hand (or throw it in with a washing cycle if you feel confident doing so) a few times and you’ll feel your item soften up to your liking. If you note that your yarn is “mercerized” then that means it’s been treated in a way where it’s less likely to shrink when washed.

Mercerized cotton looks shiny and it is less absorbent than its un-mercerized counterpart. If you’re debating the right yarn for your project and end up selecting cotton, then check to see if you’re working with mercerized or un-mercerized when deciding how to go about softening and washing your items.

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