Expat Life: 4 Tips for Living in Bangkok with Your Family

It is one thing to go on a trip to Bangkok and have a wild week in the city, but entirely another to actually move to Bangkok as an expatriate from a western nation. While there are definitely some pros to living in the bright and vibrant city, the adjustment can be quite extensive and may cause problems if you are not adequately prepared for the changes that are about to come your way, now that you are shifting to Thailand. Today, we are going to discuss four important pointers that will make your shift to Thailand with the family go a little bit easier.

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Think About School Beforehand

The younger your children are, the easier it will be to get them adjusted to the new environment, however, you need to make some decisions and plans beforehand. Firstly, it is important that any young child that you might have is enrolled in an international nursery Bangkok like The Apple Tree, because it follows the internationally acclaimed British Early Years curriculum, provides a safe environment for all the children, and has an experienced staff of teachers. The same rule applies to schooling of older children as well, because international educational institutions make sure that expat children in Bangkok are educated with up to date curriculums that are in sync with international standards.

Learn a Bit of Thai

You may not need to learn the language when you are going to visit Bangkok on a vacation, but as an expat who is going to be there for a while, learning at least some of the Thai language is not optional. The Thai are hospitable people and they mostly try to accommodate foreigners the best they can, but on a day to day basis, it would be nearly impossible to live in Thailand if you and your family were not at least familiar with the language here.

Get Health Insurance

Bangkok can be an expensive place to get medical treatment, especially if you want proper, private medical care. So, get health insurance for your entire family as soon as you get there. Not that the government hospitals aren’t of any use, but they may not be the ideal choice when you are looking to get fast and quality medical care.

Get to Know the Public Transport Routes

There are buses, taxis, app cabs, rental cars, khlong boats, ferries, motorcycle taxis, tuk-tuks, sky trains and subways in Bangkok, so make sure that you spend some time getting to know what options are there for the daily routes that you and your family take. The traffic is pretty bad in the city, so you might want to take the subway or the sky train whenever you can. While Bangkok isn’t known for being unsafe for foreign women, it is best not to get into a cab and blindly trust the cab driver to get you to your destination, especially since quite a few cab robberies are reported in the city every year.

To move from a western country to a place like Bangkok, that’s so culturally different from the kind of lifestyle you and your family are used to, can be a real challenge. Nonetheless, with adequate preparation, the city can be a wonderful place to live in.

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