How Apps Helped Me Throw My Kid the Perfect DIY Birthday Party

I’m all about saving money, so I’ve always planned my son’s birthday parties from scratch. I do as much as I can myself with some help from family, of course. In recent years, I’ve noticed the DIY getting more and more difficult as my son gets older. He has more friends to invite, they all eat more food (and are pickier,) and he’s much more vocal about exactly what kind of party he wants to have. Lately, I’ve been needing more help than usual, which is why I’ve started using apps for every step of the way.

If you’re looking to plan your own DIY birthday party for your loved ones but don’t know where to start, let me tell you that apps can make your life a whole lot easier. Here are just a few types of apps that recently helped me throw a successful party!

Organizing the Planning Process

I always try to start the planning process early so I can give myself plenty of time to get everything together. My son has been on a pretty big pirate kick lately, so I settled on that as my theme pretty early, but I wasn’t really sure where to go from there. I started looking up kids’ birthday party ideas for an at-home party, and I came across this fantastic list of apps that was just what I needed to see.

Use Apps for Ideas to Throw a Great DIY Kids’ Birthday Party

This list has suggestions for everything from planning apps and inspiration to home birthday party games. I downloaded the Wunderlist app immediately, which helped me through my entire process and I was able to add to my To-Do list and check off everything as I went! I also got Pinterest on my phone and started looking through indoor birthday party ideas and potential birthday party activities. I only wish I had gotten this app earlier because there are ideas for everything from parties for toddlers all the way through teenage parties!

Getting Inspiration for Activities and Games

Possibly the most stressful part of planning a party is figuring out what to have a large group of kids do for a few hours to keep them entertained. I knew I wanted to do something unique, so I started scouring my inspiration apps for unusual childrens party ideas. I ended up deciding on planning my own simple kids escape room where they had to escape from Davy Jones’ locker to get their treasures. It was really helpful seeing what other parents did as I planned my own games. I also threw in a few art and craft birthday activities to give everyone something to do at the beginning while we waited for everyone to arrive. Overall, the activities were a huge hit! If you’re not the best at planning games on your own, definitely look through a few birthday party ideas for kids lists as part of your planning process. There are tons of great ideas out there that you can run with!

Finding Party Decoration Ideas

As the day of the party drew nearer, I knew I was going to need to have decorations and food to really make the day special. I can be fairly crafty when it comes to crafting my own decorations, but I still turned to my handy Pinterest app to find easy balloon decorating ideas and simple birthday party decorations to ensure that I didn’t stress myself out too much by trying to do something too complex. If you’re pressed on time for your own planning or short on hands, I definitely recommend keeping things simple! I still found a bunch of cute ideas for “treasure” party favors and easy pirate flags to make and put around the house. I also used a few recipe apps to find some simple birthday party food and desserts that I could serve to the kids. All the escape room games definitely made them work up an appetite, so I was glad to have snacks on hand.


If it weren’t for the apps I found ahead of time, the day definitely would not have run nearly as smoothly. There’s no use trying to do everything alone and keep your entire to-do list in your head when there are so many great tools out there that are readily available. Now that I have all the help I need, I’m already excited about planning next year’s bash!

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