Best Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Summer birthday parties can be the hardest to plan. Birthday parties at other times of the year have to be arranged around school schedules and bad weather; but in the summer, everyone has more time on their hands, and they expect an epic blowout. Here are a few ideas to ensure your child’s birthday party is the best one of the summer.

Flower party

If you have a little one who loves to dress up (or just loves flowers), take advantage of natural summer growth to throw a flower-themed birthday party. Whether you go with flowers from your own garden, take the kids out to pick wildflowers, or have everyone craft paper flowers, the children will love making their own flower crowns.

Best of all, the cake practically plans itself. It’s not hard to find a nice cake with beautiful flower decorations! Flowers are an easy theme for invitations, and there will always be a flower to match your child’s favorite color.

Carnival party

If you have some room to work with, a carnival is always lots of fun for a birthday. Why not include an inflatable money booth where kids can grab for vouchers to use at the carnival games? You can make and operate your own game booths (like popping water balloons with darts) or rent something larger like a dunking booth.

Be sure to include tables where kids can get their faces painted or “buy” snacks with the vouchers they win. Some organized games, like a three-legged race, will make things even more fun.

Splash party

Even if you don’t have your own backyard pool, you can still organize a great water-themed party that people will talk about all summer. Set up slip-n-slides in a baseball diamond shape and play kickball in a version where runners are required to slide in to each base!

A water balloon fight is always a fun way to finish the day, and put out some kiddy pools or a water table for the younger ones. Tell the adults to come ready to get wet!

Camping party

If your kids are old enough for a sleepover, why not set up a camping site in your very own backyard? With some tents, a fire pit, and some glowing party favors, the kids will have a blast pretending to be lost in the great outdoors.

Be sure to include the fixins for some epic s’mores and hot dogs to roast on sticks. When it comes time to tell tall tales around the campfire, try creating a tale that you start and each person builds on the story with two or three sentences as you go around.

Dairy good time party

You might not realize it, but a lot of local farms are happy to host summer birthday parties. It’s a great opportunity to get outside, feed some animals, learn about dairy farming and cheese making, and just get away from the city.

Many farms will be able to accommodate your own picnic lunch, and some have stands where they sell their own homemade ice cream that you can easily work into the cake celebration.

Nature walk

Summer is a great time to see all kinds of interesting living things, from butterflies to birds. Give each child their own pair of kid-friendly binoculars, and go for a walk on an easy nature trail. It can be turned into a scavenger hunt too, if you ask kids to look for specific things like leaves, mushrooms, or rocks of a particular color.

You can give points for sighting a creature or just let everyone enjoy exploring on their own. Before you leave on the walk, provide all the necessities for trail mix and let each child make their own to take along.

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