Ways to Teach your Kids in Non-traditional ways

We are living in 21st century where each day brings new inventions and innovative ideas. Every other day we are witnessing new technologies from foldable phones to getting the first image of a black hole so far. These innovative ideas are not written in the books they are made by human brains and by the best ones.

But did we ever thought how some people are able to think out of the book and do creative things making history.

Well, today we will discuss about this topic and see what’s more beneficial for a child “A traditional way of teaching or a non-traditional one”.

What is traditional teaching?

Some of you might think that teaching in a traditional way means teaching one’s culture.

Traditional teaching means you are simply mugging up the text part. Like you complete your schooling but you still have never seen any concept or practical use of things that you have been taught during your entire school life.

In other words, traditional teaching is going by the book. Going to school and the teacher comes and starts writing on the board.

You just learn whatever is written in the books or somewhere on the black board and think that you have gained that knowledge.

It might help you to gain marks but it won’t help for too long.

It’s good to study by books but until or unless you are seeing principles or concepts practically or live you won’t understand the real concept of life.

Non-traditional ways of teaching:

Well, if you try to learn something that you can practically see then you will understand more of it.

This is just like if you study how a software works but don’t try to practically make it then studying it is of no worth.

Involving creativity and reality into concepts is the best way of teaching anything.

Let’s see an example of it. When you go to school and learn Archimedes principle that is taught by your teachers but think that if it is taught by using practical things. Bringing a glass of water and putting an object in it, then it is more obvious that you will get to understand the concept more.

Similarly, this thing happens to small children because they are still developing their brains.

If small children will be taught by using creativity, animations, colors they will understand things more easily and will remember it forever in their life.

This is how teaching in non-traditional manner affects development of small children.

Is technology a Non-traditional method

The answer to this is question is a big yes.

We know that technology has made everything easy in mankinds life. Whether its communicating over long distances or finding meaning of a word on the Internet.

Various technologies like projectors, 3-D printing any many more are available that could teach important concepts easily.

Many schools have accepted the use of  projectors as a method of. By showing animated characters teaching important concepts has become much more easier.

Apart, from this technologies like 3D printing has also been proven to be one of the best methods of teaching. As by making 3D models showing objects that are 3D becomes easy.

There are many other things like drawing books, 3D story books that helps in bringing creativity out of a person.

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Going by the book is not a bad thing but this knowledge is of no use because if you can’t remember it for your whole life.

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