Tips for Military Veterans Looking to go Back to School

Making the transition from life in the military to civilian life can be difficult. But going back to college is one way to ease the transition and find your dream job. Many colleges are military-friendly, and there are advantages to earning your degree after finishing your military service. A degree can improve your job opportunities, help you earn more money, and more importantly, help you make the change back to civilian life.

Take Online Classes

Going back to school doesn’t require you to attend a college where you have to take classes in person.? Many colleges offer online courses where you can earn your degree off-campus. With the growth of online degree programs, it has become easier to earn a degree from an accredited institution. You can obtain an academic degree online, including a career certificate or a doctorate based on what you are looking to study.

Taking online classes cost significantly less than taking classes on-campus. There are no commuting or parking fees. You don’t have to worry about paying for on-campus living, or meal plans, etc. Also, with online classes, most texts are available online, so you don’t have to purchase textbooks.

The GI Bill

Military veterans have access to the GI Bill, which can pay for training and education. The GI Bill helps veterans receive job training and education after military service. It offers students about 36 months of education benefits.

When choosing the college, you want to attend; you should contact the financial aid department and explain to them that you have served in the military and may qualify for the GI Bill. Financial aid counselors will help you through the process.

Military Funding

Aside from the GI Bill, other options can help veterans go to college. You will want to look into scholarships, grants, and loans that are geared toward military veterans.

Again, contact financial aid to find out what’s available to you. However, be aware that financial aid counselors don’t know of all the funds available, so look online and do some basic research into grants and scholarships for veterans.


While in the military service, you probably receive specialty training. There is a program called defense activity for non-traditional education Support Program (DANTES). This program supports military personnel who want to earn a college degree when they finish their military training. All you have to do is talk to the military-friendly colleges, and they can help better orient you towards qualifying for this program.

In many cases, this specialized training can also earn college credits, which contribute to your degree once you enroll in the University. However, you will need to take the DSST (DAMTES Subject Standardized Tests) to receive the credit. These tests are free for veterans and can give you credit without needing to attend class. They can help you get through that degree faster.

A Final Thought

So whether you want to go to a traditional university or get an online degree, you can. As a veteran, you have more funding options than anyone else. It’s just a matter of your wanting to set and achieve this goal for yourself.

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