Cozy Ways To Keep Warm On Cottage Nights

Weekends at the cottage are a summer tradition. If you’re lucky, you can even take weeks off at a time at the peak of summer to get out of the hot, muggy city and cool down by the lake. You can look forward to a long season of watersports, boat rides, relaxing canoe trips, swimming, reading on the dock, and your kids actually getting off their phones and enjoying the outdoors. Top it all off with dinner on the barbecue and an evening in front of the fire.

But as you know, nights up at the cottage can often get quite a bit cooler than in the city. That’s part of the appeal. Who can get to sleep when the nights are as scorching as the days? The further north you go, the colder the nights and evenings will get. Try some of these ideas for keeping warm when the sun goes down. They’re great for both you and the kids on those nights by the lake. Plus, you won’t have to overpack.

#1 Layers – If you want to keep it fashionable without being cold, invest in lots of layers that will work with a number of different outfits. There are a ton of different jackets, sweaters, cardigans, and scarves that you can use for all different kinds of weather. When you’re trying to keep warm by the fire, cuddle up in a cardigan. Meanwhile, light scarves are great multi-purpose accessories. They can keep the breeze off the lake from getting too chilly and keep the sun off when you’re by the poolside without getting too hot.

#2 Stash Old Sweaters at the Cottage – If you don’t have a stash of old sweaters hidden somewhere in your cottage, it’s time to start rummaging through your closet in the city. A good mix of flannel, sweaters, and any promotional swag you’ve ever been given all belong in your emergency cottage satsh. They’re perfect for kids, too. There’s nothing like an oversized sweater to snuggle into to hide from the cold and bugs.

#3 Quilts – For those rainy nights that get colder than you expected, you need some quality quilts to keep you and the kids warm and toasty through the night. With a quality quilt, you won’t be forced to turn the heaters on in the middle of summer (and probably wake up roasting by the morning). Temperatures can drop and rise dramatically in cottage country, and quilts are easy to throw or kick right back off when you overheat.

#4 Rain Gear – Last but not least, make sure the kids are well equipped with rain gear to keep them dry on rainy days. Maybe the rain will keep them indoors playing board games and watching movies, or maybe they’ll just decide it’s the perfect day for a hike with dad. Make sure they keep their heads dry in when they decide they just can’t stay inside anymore.

Cottages are great places to be in the summer. Be prepared for any weather and keep your vacation enjoyable.

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